i’d probably be retired by now

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If I got a quid every time someone didn’t like the
response I gave them when asking for my opinion
on their diet they’re currently doing…

^^^that is no lie^^^

See it’s probably put a few people off me because

truth be told I HATE diets…
In fact I hate quick fixes of any kind whether it be diet
or exercise-

So when I’m asked for my opinion (and only when)

I give it-

Holding nothing back….

And the reason I do this is simple,Nobody gets results by being told what they want to hear

(Maybe read that bit again)>Results


Both come from making changes but they actually mean
NOTHING unless they’re sustainable.
All quick fixes do is KILL you metabolic rate, damage your hormone
profiling (crucial to weight loss)

That’s why a quick fix goes away just a quickly as the results came

A lifestyle takes a little longer but it lasted a lifetime (hence the life in lifestyle)

So rather than trying all these

Juicing detox’s

Shake diets

Slimming aids

Appetite suppressant foods

Try and make small sustainable, realistic changes for you,

Track EVERYTHING you eat
Not anyone else,Because no diet should be temporary-

Think about it,

Ryan ‘coulda retired by now’ Hodgson

P.S. if like me you couldn’t diet without having a treat when
you want then the flexible dieting seminar will be right
up your street, and i’m launching that tomorrow, and there
will only be 12 spaces on it.

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