I’m going to eat healthy….

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Breakfast- porridge with water or special K with skimmed milk
Mid morning- Fruit
Lunch- A salad or a soup
Mid afternoon- might have another piece of fruit or wait until dinner
Evening meal- protein with vegetables.
^^^^This is roughly what 85-90% of the people I speak to when i ask them what eating healthy means to them.
Which i totally get, but it doesnt have to be that strict or boring unless you enjoy that.
And truth be told, its not bad, however its also very carb based, not much fat, or protein at all. Which will leave them feeling hungry, like constantly.
Until it gets too much.
Then the old habits slip in, and its back to square one.
now why am i sharing this with you?
because i wanted to tell you, this diet wont be right for everyone, in fact id be telling most people to eat more than that.
So what i suggest is track your food on MyFitnessPal and you can see how much you’re eating and let me tell you this….
If you’re eating 1200Kcals, you’re not eating enough.
Then look at making sure you eat enough protein and fats too, as truth be told there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate, but there is essential fats and proteins.
Just carbs are important for energy and a lifestlye point of view
so dont try to cut anything out.
just focus on balance and moderation
Ryan ‘gonna eat healthy’ Hodgson
P.S. Have you seen our diet card that simplifies it?

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