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Today I want to share with you a couple of things about the reason Elly and I stopped personal training and why I believe that we would provide much better service.

One of the key things I’ve noticed, was it was dependant on a trainer actually being there and turning up on time…

I saw it so much when i was back in Fitness First then even running a business with Personal Trainers working for me….

In fact, I was back in Jersey a few days last week and actually drove past a gym, and there were people waiting outside for a session and the facebook posts advertsing it said the class starts at 8.30

but the trainer was rocking up at 8.32 by my clock….

Now I know this happens on a regular basis, because from my years in the industry, I’ve seen trainers walking up late for clients

I don’t think that’s very fair.

Clients deserve better.

YOU deserve better.

In fact, it happened way too often for my liking and that’s why I didn’t want to get that same name for myself, in fact i used to always be 20minutes early to be sure no one ever waited outside for me.

Another thing I found was people would get a good session in, perhaps even get a great workout in, but then there’s nothing for the other 23 or 23.5 hours of the day.

No accountability,

no support,

no guidance or anything.

What I’ve actually found is weight loss and becoming an improved version of yourself never really about the exercise.

Most of the time, people who are struggling with their weight are still putting on weight because of a number of reasons, and one of the key reasons is mind set.

Not diet,

Not exercise


That’s why I believe having the support is absolutely vital, which Elly and I pride ourselves on delivering.

Now, this isn’t just something to knock personal trainers, because there are a few really great trainers out there, and they’ll turn up on time and help around the clock support


Particularly when they’re paying 30 to 40 quid a session minimum thats the least you deserve

That’s why for just £57 a month you get all the accountability and support that you get with a personal trainer, plus we add you to our secret community of women who are absolutely buzzing and always inspiring and helping each other to make progress too.

In fact £57 is less than a meal out without drink and you get the 24/7 support help with the mindset

help with the lifestyle

Oh and you get workouts and coaching with the diet too.

Because you already know how to lose weight and get in shape, but what you don’t have is the accountability and support that’s required. So, click the link below and join us today.


We’ve only got three spaces left, and then we’re closing off our entry level program.

Ryan’not a personal trainer’ Hodgson.

P.S. Heres the link to join the most supportive community ive ever seen and its not just Elly and I is the other women in the group too.


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