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Runner False Starting --- Image by © Patrik Giardino/CORBIS

Good moaning,

Back in November when I first started to track my

foods and make better choices and have more
balance to what I eat, and really just think about
it and my portion control…

I had quite a few, shall we say, false starts.

Good days

Then bad days,

I would be well out my macro goals and get frustrated
and self doubt kicked in, every time I felt like just
resorting back to the lies I used to tell myself like…
Lies that i was believing because, i wanted to justify
the fact that i couldnt stick to ‘the plan,
things like…

**it’s ok not to worry about my food, ill just train harder

** My clients don’t care if I do what I’m asking them to do

** It’s ok to be and out of shape trainer – when i wouldn’t

go to a dentist with bad teeth.
**I’m a dad its ok to let it go….
**I’m busy working, being a husband etc.
You get my drift-

When really they’re all lies, and after I realised it

everytime the doubts kicked in, I had to step back and
draw a line under it and ‘start again’ realising where I
had gone wrong, and try to improve on it…

And now I’m 99% of the way there, and that’s as good as it’ll

get for me.

But the point for you is this…

>>>False starts are ok <<<

In fact they’re a good thing as long as…

1- you draw a line under it and get back to ‘your plan’

2- you learn from it, that way you won’t make the same
mistake time and time again.
Having someone look over your shoulder can make this
much easier as you’ll be held accountable.
Tis all today,

Ryan ‘false start’ hodgson

P.S. I’m doin a cheeky special with green and protein shake
for £50 (usually £74 bought separately). To not only get your
macros on track with the protein, but the greens drink ot me is like
rocket fuel, gives you a boost of vits and minerals…
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