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Ok so a while ago I did my first flexible
dieting seminar.

And I gave everyone a test, just didn’t tell them

about it, coz it wanted it to be a fair test that i could
assess how it works.

I set them all up and Linked with them on my

\fitness pal…

I sat back and watched… (accept for the ones on my coaching
And they all started following the advice and stuff they
were taught,

But after just 2 weeks 8 of them hadn’t logged in for 2 or

more days,

That’s 75% of the people on the seminar…

And it doesn’t surprise me, in fact I’m the same,
I lack consistency and accountability

Most of us know what we need to do to be healthier,

it’s just a natural thing to do,

Therefore we need consistency and accountability.

That’s why I’ve got a nutrition coaching program which

will take it to the next level with consistency and

If fact all my 1-1s already do this, one of them even

called me a my fitness pal stalker- but she’s seeing
progress month in month out…

More on this another day.

Ryan ‘MFP stalker’ Hodgson
P.S. Ill launch my nutrition accountability program
tomorrow which will be strictly for 8 people who
want progress and to be held accountable-
No pink and fluffy.


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