how much should i lose?

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how much weight

Got a great question yesterday from Sharon, who wanted to know how much weight she should

And this is a question that Elly and I do get asked quite often from clients who want to lose a bit of weight to feel better about themselves.

And, being honest, the answer we have is always the same. And that answer is, it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose.

What matters to us is how much better you feel.

Because, when we want to lose weight, it’s always so that we feel better.

So that is our only real goal.

Weight is never the most important factor.

Yes, it’s great if you’re massively overweight to try and set yourself a specific weight loss goal, however, don’t let that number dictate whether you’re a success or not.

Just to put it in perspective, I weigh 93 kilos, and I’m only 5’6″. Which makes me at the bottom end of morbidly obese.

However, I have no intentions of trying to lose any more weight any time soon.

So that’s why we tend to say, focus more about on how you feel, and your shape change. And the weight that is meant to come off will come off in the right time.

Ryan ‘weight isn’t the most important factor’ Hodgson

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