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That’s right today im gonna tell you my
favourite ab workout and it’s coz whilst
preppin for the show I’m pretty proud of
how my abs have come on the last few

And I always get people ask me what’s the

best way to get a flat stomach and there’s
the secret-
My answer is always the same, I DO NO AB WORK


That’s right all the crunches In The world aren’t going

o give you or anyone a flat stomach.
In fact it’s a complete waste of time, I’d go as far as saying
you’re better off plodding along on a treadmill than doing
ab work.

^^^ seriously^^^

And here’s why,

A flat stomach or abs only come from one thing….

Low body fat.

And the best way to lower your body fat is to sort the diet out

without a shadow of a doubt.

Get the food right and the body fat will come down

with time.
Then the next best way to lower body fat is to lift heavy
(heavy for you) weights to boost your muscle tone and in
turn burn more calories.

Lemme put it in perspective (long word for me eh?)…

Abs a very small, thin muscle groups and don’t burn many


Whereas muscles like this in the legs burn waaaayyyy more kcals

and if you do then with free weights and engage your core then
you’ll be working all your core muscles 🙂
Remember fat always sits on top of muscle you probably have
good abs underneath so let’s burn the fat,

All the crunches in the world won’t do that.

Have a good weekend

Ryan ‘no ab work’ hodgson
P.S. If you have some kinda weird thing about doing abs make sure
you work your lower back too so you don’t get back problems.

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