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So today, I’m not going to lie I woke up in a bit of a negative mood.

Not quite sure why, can’t really understand it.

But it’s been the first time in a long time that I can remember waking up feeling negative.

But, one thing I’ve realized and worked from because I’ve been focusing so much on my mind over the last year or so, is that there’s always going to be negatives out there.

That’s right.

I am comfortable with the fact that there are always negatives out there. However, what I have learned is that dwelling on them isn’t going to help me or anyone else.

In fact, dwelling on them is only going to hinder me and everyone else around me.

So what I try to do is focus on the positives.

I sit down every single day and even more so I’ll spend a bit longer today writing out all the positives in my life.

I do daily appreciation and daily gratitude where I write out things that I am grateful for because there are so many of them.

And I list them and write them and think about them.

I think about why they’re important to me.

Try this if your struggling to stay positive.

Seriously, it’s something that I was a bit reluctant to do at first because I thought it was a little bit strange, I felt uncomfortable doing it.

But when I’ve invested that time in myself every day just two to three minutes, these 3 minutes are life changing for me.

And that’s why I’ve never woken up feeling negative since I’ve started doing it.

Today’s been the first day, but after doing my daily gratitude earlier in the morning, I actually feel more positive already.

Give it a go.

Ryan ‘not quite as negative now’ Hodgson

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