No Starvation Or Deprivation Diet

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Here’s why,

When I’ve done diets in the past (I’ve tried many) when

I used to box, I’d become obsessed with food that almost

always left me chest deep in junk food…

And it was horrible then, the guilt I was riddled with that

lead me excessively exercising and it was

All because I was viewing foods wrong-

I was looking at foods as good or bad,

If it was bad I had to avoid at all costs or suffer the

consequences, that is until I came across flexible dieting

Which in all truth just meant applying why I already knew

and utilising it in the best way.

And it took time to get used to the fact that I could and

still can eat-





Pick and mix

And still work towards my goals, just like my clients

can too.

Yes of your energy output isn’t high and the calories need

To be low to lose weight then you have a choice,

Eating that bit of junk may really reduce the volume of food

you can eat that day meaning you may chose not to eat it…

But then it’s a choice because you decided based on logic.

Ryan ‘no deprivation’ Hodgson

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