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so today I’m going to be on this I’m not feeling a 100%.

In fact, I feel like I’m coming down with a bit of a cold.

And when I get a cold, I often feel very, very sorry for myself.

But, I’m not after sympathy. I just want to share something with you today, because I do see it quite often when we work with our clients who want to lose weight, tone up, feel better about themselves, they won’t listen to their body.

They’ll continue to try and work through not feeling a 100%.

Then they’ll get frustrated when they don’t see the progress, or results that they want. And, I have to admit I completely get it.

Because, I’ve got goals I want to continue to move forward towards them. However, I do understand I need to listen to my body.

Just like you did, so sometimes it’s often about looking at what your goals are, and just perhaps focusing on maintenance for a few days or weeks until you are 100%.

Then you’ll be in a better position to keep moving forwards. And once more, you won’t be burning yourself out trying to work through illness or injury.

So my message today is, listen to your body.

You know your body better than anyone else, even me.

Ryan, listening to his body Hodgson

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