People On The Same Journey As You

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That’s my biggest tip to anyone wanting
to make progress in their life…

Want to have a successful career, surround

yourself with successful people
Want to be in a happy loving relationship,
spend time with others who seek the same
Want to lose weight, surround yourself with people
who are losing weight or don’t need to.

I see too many ignoring this-

Wanting a successful career spending time with their
lazy friends who won’t go and get a job let alone have
career ambitions.

Wanting a happy loving relationship yet go out on the

pi$$ to find ‘the right person’ then wonder they end up
feeling used.

Wanting to lose weight, but spending time with their friends

who are over weight but don’t want to lose the weight enough
to do something about it.

Please take it from me, if people aren’t on the same journey,

they don’t deserve a ride with you, don’t let them take your
chance as success in things and be careful how much time
you give them.

Like I said-

If you want a successful career spend time with people who are

already successful, and are also driven in that way.

If you want a happy loving relationship spend time getting to

know people, connect with them on deeper levels that alcohol
probably want permit.

If you want to lose weight, spend time with people who are also

wanting to lose weight or are already living the lifestyle in the
shape you’d love.

They say we become the average of the 5 people we spend the

most time with- chose those 5 very very careful, they can make
or destroy you.
Chose to spend time with people on the same journey as you by
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Ryan ‘surrounded by the right people’ Hodgson

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