physically the same result

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mentally poles apart….

That’s right, you can get physically the same result, however mentally your results can be completely the opposite to each other.

Let me explain.

You can feel like crap and absolutely hate your body, and decide you need to do something because you feel so ugly you need to beat your body into losing weight and toning up.

Or, you can begin to love your body and decide that you want to treat it the best way that it can possibly be treated.

By nourishing it with healthy foods and being more active.

Both of these will typically give you the same result.

However, mentally they’re going to be the complete opposite. Mentally, the first one, you’re going to hate your body even more than you did in the first place, and it’s going help you adopt an unhealthy relationship with diet and exercise.

However, the second one, you’re going to begin to love your body more and more, and start to nourish it even more, and it becomes more of a lifestyle and a passion for you.

Because you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Therefore, that’s why my message today is simple.

We need to start to love our bodies, so that we can treat it in the best possible way we can. And that might mean giving it more healthy balanced diet, being more active, and actually not worrying about size and shape.

Because your size and shape will look after itself after we begin to look after our body.

Ryan ‘love your body NOW’ Hodgson

P.S. ‘its not your job to like me…

its mine (Byron Katie)

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