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Today I’m asking you a favour, and it’s something that’s actually going to help you in the long run, and it is pretty simple.

Please don’t cut the calories too low.

That’s right, I don’t want you to cut the calories too low.

In fact, I would say most of the women that we work with in our coaching programs, we’re telling them to eat more calories than what they already were, and there’s a reason behind this.

The reason is we want you to eat as many calories as you can but still lose weight, and that’s so that your body is in the best possible position when it does lose weight.

You want to be healthy and fit as well as just losing weight.

After all, what’s the point in losing weight and feeling rubbish?

in fact, dont answer that..

Not to mention that when you lose weight by cutting the calories too low, eventually the weight loss will stop, and eventually you won’t be able to maintain that really low calories, and when you start to eat a normal amount of calories, or what we’d call a state amount of calories, your body’s going to start put on weight a lot quicker because you’ve got a thing called metabolic damage, and when you damage a metabolism, it can take years to build it back up, so please don’t cut the calories too low.

If you’re really unsure what your calories should be, either talk to me, invest in yourself, do a bit of research, just don’t cut them dangerously low.

You’re doing more harm than good in the long run.

Try and keep the calories high

Ryan ‘please read this’ Hodgson

P.S. The calorie deficits are specific to each person and we do this on both our Alpha programme and our academy.

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