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Episode #44

In this episode we discuss the female cycle and how it affects them. A great one to also helps mend understand them better to s...


Episode #43

In this episode we discuss the power of the mind and how it can literally transform the level of results you will see.


Episode #42

This episode we talk about something we both love, resistance based training. We cover a few topics, how to get started and muc...


Episode #41

Exercise for weight loss, we know exercise is often the first thing people think about doing when they start on their weight lo...


Episode #40

In this episode we talk about who Ryan AKA RyanHodgsonFitness is, from joining the army, setting up a bootcamp and gym and his ...


Episode #39

This episode we talk about the area on which many struggle with NUTRITION we cover how to overcome some common struggles and lo...


Episode #38

This episode we talk about Elly AKA EllyHodgsonFitness, we talk about her history from being an international medalist at swimm...


Episode #37

This week we were joined by Ric Moylan who is known for coaching athletes but he also coaches every day people and we covered c...


Episode #36

We were joined by Louise Stent a physiotherapist where we talk about the work that she's doing to change lives and help her cli...


Episode #35

We were joined by Catherine Carroll who is a personal trainer and coach in Dublin, she's changing lives for the better. But not...


Episode #34

In this episode we were joined by James Moody who lives his passion travelling the world whilst helping fitness professionals t...


Episode #33

As a Transformation Coach Matt has worked with and transformed the bodies and lives all types of clients ranging from students ...


Episode #32

In this episode we were joined by this amazing coach who's not only got a son, she also has another child on the way. She's an ...


Episode #31

This episode of Becoming The Best You With The Hodgsons we were joined by Alistair Fraser and here's a bit about him.  ...


Episode #30

We were joined by Chris Honor who has a very diverse role in the fitness industry from coaching clients 1-1 to professional spo...


Episode #29

In this weeks episode we caught up with Chris Jones. He's a natural body builder and online coach. He's also just a few weeks a...


Episode #28

One thing we find is its often underestimated how important support is when it comes to working towards a goal of any kind. So ...


Episode #27

We know how common it is to just focus on diet and exercise which is why we often talk about mindset when it comes to long term...


Episode #26

Today we talked about some of the common themes we find with those trying to lose weight and we wanted to clear a few things up...


Episode #25

Today we answered a few questions we get asked about nutrition and also a little bit about the way we coach nutrition Under 10m...


Episode #24

We believe that the thoughts and feelings we experienced in prep are not too dissimilar to the ones that those on an extreme fa...


Episode #23

This week we discussed with shane how he helps clients and PTs with their nutrition coaching... Shane is a Nutritionist, and...


Episode #22

We talk to Kevin woods who's a coach, personal trainer and all around fitness enthusiast. Kevin has worked in the industry ...


Episode #21

Nutrition & Keeping it simple. Listen to this weeks podcast to find out about nutrition advice from the Hodgsons. Summary to o...


Episode #20

We were joined By Christophe Chateau to discuss about whther confidence really does exist of not. He shares his thoughts and ex...


Episode #19

Head & Heart Work with Nic Buckley. We talk th deeper link between the body and the mind and how Being a human thats being ...


Episode #18

On this weeks episode, we're talking about nutrition basics and how to keep it simple. Find out about the Hodgsons health guide...


Episode #17

This week we talk about pre and post natal exercise and weight loss and how it should never really be about weight loss and why...


Episode #16

Mike and Suzie are a real POWER COUPLE travelling the world and helping clients with their health, and importantly their gut he...


Episode #15

About Sandra- Sandra is a true inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight. Dispite health issues shes seem tremendous resul...


Wayne - WS Fitness - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #14

About Wayne, Wayne has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years, he has trained and trained with some of the greatest ...


Simon Macey 10x Dads Podcast

Episode #13

Simon Macey, owner and founder of 10 x DADS is on a mission to have a huge impact on the health and well being of as many dads ...


Angela Ross - Mind Body Breakthrough Coach

Episode #12

Angela Ross has been in the ‘fitness industry’ for just over 15 years, working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer at ...


Polly - The Fit Mum Formula - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #11

We sat down with Polly from fitmum formula, and chatted over how she helps busy and frustrated Mums get their body and their bo...


Carly Jennings - Hodgson Health Fitness Podcast

Episode #10

Training women to regain themselves wholly, so through training and nutrition but supporting them with mental challenges along ...


Luke Judge - The Hub Fitness - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #9

A Jack of all trades, Luke has worked many jobs through out his career, from working in Argos to head chef at one of the busies...


Pat Pilla - On the Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #8

When you are happy, Pat is happy. Pat steps out of her comfort zone to help as many as she can and the joy she feels is pricele...


Tara Hammett - UK's leading Fitness Leaders - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #7

On this weeks episode, we sat down with one of the UK’s leading fitness leaders, Tara Hammett. Tara’s been in the industry sinc...


Charlotte Moore - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #6

Charlotte is a dance instructor teaching pole fitness and dance aerobics classes at Uberedge Dance Company in Jersey. Listen to...


AJ Mihrzad - Best selling author - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #5

AJ Mihrzad is the author of the best selling book, “The Mind Body Solution: Train your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss.”


Nikolett Jones - International Health and Lifestyle Coach - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #4

Nikolett Jones is a International Health and Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Self Love Mentor. Her focus is to teach women ...


Joe Stewart - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #3

Joe Stewart is a 26 year old Fitness Professional, who’s known in Jersey for being honest with his opinion and then having the ...


Kit Chamier - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #2

Kit completed his 3 year BSc degree in New Zealand and followed it with a 1 year Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutritio...


Celeste Fitness - Hodgson Health Podcast

Episode #1

Celeste is a badass online fitness coach changing lives everyday emphasising fitness, health, wellness, mindset, and of course ...


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