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your excuses

Got this off the wifey as I was making up excuses

of why I could have some pick and mix last night.
And it was a realisation that I actually do believe
my excuses.
So when I try keep my sugars low and I see pick and mix-

I’m telling myself

*I got plenty of time till the show

*I’m on track

*A few won’t hurt

*I’ll work it off

All excuses that until I heard…

Stop believing your excuses,

And I I was believing them

And I see this all the time with people who use

excuses and they actually believe them and that
theres no way around them.

I can’t, in fact no one can, help these people-

Until they help themselves.
So if you’re making excuses I bet you’re busy
convincing yourself of why you, couldn’t, shouldn’t,
won’t rather than why you should could and will.

Now first the first time EVER I wanna hear your excuses,

accept if you use time because I’ve killed that excuses
numerous times and being honest won’t reply to that
one again.

So other excuses send them my way and I’ll help you

find solutions.

So that in 124 days (that’s Christmas)you’re think I’m glad

I stopped believing my excuses.

Ryan ‘killing excuses since 2015’ hodgson

P.S. Nothing to see here. If your reading this with excuses and
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