a story about robin williams

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robin williams

I’m sure you know who Robin Williams is:

one of the greatest actors, in my opinion, to ever have lived.

Well heard this story about him the other day from someone i follow Tony Robbins (check him out)

Seemed to be such a happy guy, made so many people, millions of people, happy. But unfortunately committed suicide.

And one of the reasons why he could have committed suicide was because he couldn’t keep himself happy.

He kept everyone else happy and spent so much time prioritising to keep everyone else happy, giving so many others joy daily…

But the didn’t put himself first.

And there’s a lesson to be had in this.

We need to put ourselves first.

We need to put our own mental and physical health before anybody else’s.

You’ve heard the saying, and I’ve said it before, fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

And only when you do start to put yourself first can you truly be happy, can you truly give everyone else around you true happiness too.

If you are unhappy, the likelihood is your other half will be unhappy.

The likelihood is your children will be unhappy.

The likelihood is everyone around you will be unhappy because thoughts become things, feelings become things.

We need to react to it, and that ultimately work on ourselves to make ourselves happy.

Ryan ‘Loved Robbin Williams’ Hodgson

P.S. We are going to open up our Alpha programme again tomorrow for just 5 people…

Watch this space.

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