Supplements you say?

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GOOD morning,

Elly and I have been searching long and hard for a number of years for a good quality supplement brand that we can not only trust but is also very reasonably priced.

Because we do spend a lot of money on other things and supplements are something that we almost used to do as an extra, an optional.

However, since we’ve got more and more into our nutrition planning and tracking everything, we’ve found the benefits to having a good quality supplement is just as important to our diet as the actual diet itself.

We’ve also managed to work with our clients to help them get a discount on this company too.

Because our friend, Will Evans, set up a company called Protein Empire and he offered our clients a 20% discount.

But we thought, how can we help more people get a discount of a reputable supplement company.

So we’ve had a chat with him and he’s happy to offer all of our ‘followers’ (if you’d call yourself that) a 10% discount.

So if you go into you’ll get a 10% discount if you use the discount code ‘THEHODGSONS’.

And what’s even better they’ve got an awesome sale coming up and they’re always testing the latest product and updating their range.

Go over there, check them out, and get your 10% discount.

Ryan, supplement discount Hodgson.

P.S. Thank me later 😀

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