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so, we’ve been over here now a few days, and we’ve still been in contact with our clients pretty much every day.

Something that Ellly and I really pride ourselves on doing because we know the importance of being in communication with our clients.

Another thing, what we also have is a free Facebook group and it’s all about women on the same journey
as each other, to ultimately live happier, healthier, fitter lives. And we want you to have a look at it, check it out.

Here’s the link for the group.

This group is 100% free, and we commit to trying to add value on it almost daily, and we also have the women
in the to do it, too. It’s a great little support thing and another way that if you can’t afford our programs that you can get a little bit of help from us.

Our priorities are as always going to be our academy ladies because of course they are our paying clients and they are our first and foremost priority. Things have been a little bit quite in that group the last few days, but they’ll pick back up again once we get back.

So here’s the link again to join the group if you fancy getting on board and seeing what it’s all about. We try and keep it fun, but most importantly positive because everyone is on the same journey.

Yes, we all have different challenges and we might all have slightly different goals, but ultimately, all the women in the group want to feel happier, healthier, and fitter.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be in it.

Have a good day.

Ryan ‘Loving it here’ Hodgson

PS. Here’s the link again to join that group.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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