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Read about people just like you that have lost weight with Hodgson Health Online

Ria Bestwick, Nurse and full time mum – 31

I started coaching with Elly after the birth of my daughter. I wanted to lose the excess baby weight but also tone and gain a better understanding of what I needed to do on my own and also have better knowledge about true food I was consuming.

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Since being coached by Elly, I have more confidence and love seeing how far I have come in terms of my strength. I can’t believe the amount of weight I’m now lifting! I’m back in my pre baby jeans and even these are too big now.

I have a greater understanding of what to do in my own gym sessions too which has helped massively. Elly specialises in post partum exercise so it’s ideal for me can feel a bit intimidated by the gym.

Courtney O’connor - Hodgson Health Review / Testimonial

Courtney O’connor, Leisure assistant – 19

Since training with Elly I have gotten more confidence in wearing clothes I wouldn’t normally wear and I have confidence in going to the gym and training. I’ve become stronger and healthier since training with Elly.

Phyllis Bell, Finance worker – 48

I started training with Elly 3 months ago after taking a year’s break from exercise. I had trained with the boys from Fit Body Bootcamp but give this up after suffering health problems.

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I have a benign brain tumour which has affected my balance, vision and ability to undertake exercise such as running, jumping, turning etc. in April I was feeling low and suffering from severe neck pain when my physio encouraged me to hit the gym!

I chose Elly because she has a lovely friendly face and as soon as I met her I knew we’d be a good team. Elly is inspiring, always encourages me and most importantly listens to me and observes my body and adjust all exercises to suit my limitations. Now I’ve stopped getting physio (my physio is very impressed) and I am buzzing after every session.

Elly is a great coach who is passionate to help me improve my strength and time up. Mentally I feel so positive after every session, even with all the pain ?. I class Elly as a friend now and genuinely look forward to every session.

Alexandra Wright, Business owner – 38

I’ve been with Hodgson Fitness for five weeks and am delighted at my progress. I am 38 and have had three children and gained an untoned body and ‘mum tum’ and was on a downward spiral.

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My confidence was low when I first went to Hodgson Fitness but the intense program and coaching sessions have really toned me and I am already wearing dresses with confidence that I haven’t worn for a few years. I still have work to do concentrating on my diet but Hodgson Fitess has lots of tips and advice. I’m so excited about the future.

Katie Cartwright - Hodgson Health Testimonial - Online Training Review

Katie Cartwright, Marketing – 25

They approach a healthy lifestyle in all aspects. As well as supporting me in my training, he reinforces a balanced lifestyle by reviewing and monitoring my food diary and suggests types of food to eat to meet my fitness goals.

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What I like about this method is that it allows for a normal living with treats and cheat meals whilst being good and healthy for 80% of the time. It’s always so positive and encouraging but you also get a kick up the bum if you stray away from your goals!

Elaine Pratt

It was new year and I said to myself you need to stop Moaning about your weight and do something, so after about 3 months comparing online the options of Gyms and boot camps, I came across Fitbody and first signed up to the daily blog.

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And it hit me this person really did understand the battle that was in my head, so I signed up for the taster at Fitbody after 2 sessions I wanted to run back to sitting on my arse and moan again, but Ryan said something and I though yes he is right again.

So I knew if I just joined a gym I’d get bored in a month or so, so Ryan said why not do gym and PT with them, I agreed my only stipulation My PT must be a task master so Ryan said he would do it so we set up the payments for the 10 sessions one a week and any extra ones I wanted after that, so I have lost 4 kg my core strength is better my legs and arms look great, and I still want to go to the gym.

Ryan has been not just a PT throughout but a constant support and listening ear. I could not have done this well with out Ryan, he is the best PT I have had, he dose what he says, if you want an idea of a plan in between sessions you get it. If you find giving up certain foods impossible Ryan can help with that, he is more than a PT and worth his weight in Gold.

Its down to you but if you really want change Ryan and fitbody know it best.

Tina Ritzema, Finance worker – 48

4 months ago, after several months of going to FitBody bootcamps I asked Ryan if he would be my Personal Coach. I had got on very well with Ryan at my Bootcampinitial consultations and I felt that he was the Coach that would help, guide, advise, support me!

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Well I certainly got that right! It’s one of the best decisions I have made in years! I love being coached by Ryan. His programs are, at times horrendous, but in his own words ‘You didn’t choose me because you wanted easy’! No I didn’t! And they are not!

Ryan is straight talking, understanding, approachable and above all knowledgeable & passionate about training, diet and good health.

Between our coaching sessions the support continues! He checks in regularly and makes sure I am ‘on track’. My worse coaching session was after I had slipped! Ryan asked me if I had stuck to my goal –I wanted to lie! The truth came out, I felt like a naughty 5 year old, waiting to be told off! Ryan didn’t tell me off, it was far worse, He simply said ‘I am disappointed’! Wham! I will not do that again!

A coach, certainly for the client, is more than just a coach. You struggle, at times fail. You moan, you chat and they become a part of your life. I do not feel that I am just another ‘client’ to Ryan, he cares, supports and gets some serious results. I look better that I have done in years. I am 48 years of age and I have had 4 children but I am starting to form ab definition, my upper body is looking pretty darn good and my glutes look like glutes that squat … Thank you Ryan – Here’ to the next few months!

Lisa McLauchlan - Hodgson Health Testimonial

Lisa McLauchlan

I started coaching with Ryan a few weeks ago and have had the most amazing results: I’ve lost inches and weight and I feel great. Ryan is really good at setting goals that are challenging but achievable, you certainly feel like you’ve had a good workout after a session, and his energy, support and enthusiasm make it feel like you are improving all the time.

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I would recommend Ryan and his team to anyone looking to get fit or lose inches – if you do what he tells you, you will get the results you want.

Aimee Wilson

I am 28 years old and a Full time mum to my beautiful 2 1/2 year old.

After I had my son I had put on 6Stone, and although I was in love with my newborn, I was disgusted with how I looked, and felt I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I could have.


Laura Story

I’d lost motivation in life and was struggling to stop the weight piling on. My lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest. I was socialising and drinking heavily most nights, which in turn would lead to the inevitable trip home via the curry house and then in the morning, I would be looking for carbs to try and pick myself up. I weighed 196lb on a 5’2″ frame and was a size 18.