the BIG drift

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So now we’re into the end summer and it’s going to be that big drift between now and Christmas.

That’s right. Like I said the other day, Christmas will be fast approaching.

And I know that for a lot of people, Christmas really sort of starts around November, the parties, the shopping, everything…

And people easily lose the next couple of months.

And it’s such a shame because it’s 1/6th of the year, and we don’t want to lose that time.

That’s why in our program, we’ve actually done a challenge with our clients to help them not only continue to move forward, but to set themselves goals again and re-focus because it’s so easy to just drift between now and Christmas, and just start again next year.

And guess what happens when you start again next year:

You set yourself the same goals that you did this year, and it’s a vicious cycle.

Please don’t fall for that trick.

Don’t fall for the vicious cycle of setting yourself the same goal next year as you did this year. Even if you’re a little bit further ahead next year than you would have been, at least you’re further ahead.

You’ve moved forward. It hasn’t been a completely lost year.

And that’s something I want you to think about today.

Are you going to lose this year, or have you made progress.

And when I talk about that it’s not just about your weight loss or your health and fitness. It’s about all levels of your life.

Because I know, I’ve been guilty of drifting in the past too.

Ryan ‘not drifting’ Hodgson

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