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So, truth be told cardio (things like running, cycling and cross trainers) is something I really don’t like doing.

In fact most of the time I’d do anything to avoid doing them, like being stricter with my nutrition and lifestyle.
And truth be told I don’t feel it’s needed if you’re active in life and do some form of HIIT session or heavy weights as they will work the heart and lungs (what cardio is for).I prefer to be active by walking Alfie, but at the moment because Elly and I are getting ready for the British finals we have to do it every single day.

But here’s the thing, now I’m ‘in the zone’I have to admit, it’s really not as bad as I picture it in my head, I mean yes I’d rather be in bed having an extra hour sleep or getting more ‘work’ done, but let’s be honest sometimes we have to do things that at first we may not want to in order to get the result we want to.

So being open minded to it is the most important thing when it comes to working toward your weight loss goals.
Ryan ‘cardio’ Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see here but thanks for checking.

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