the day you give up…

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give up

The day you give up is the day you basically accept that the way you are is the furthest you’re prepared to go.

Ultimately accepting failure even if you see some sort of success now are you happy to rest there and settle?

With no progress when there’s still time to keep moving forwards.

It’s never the end until

It really is too late.

That’s why for me and our clients Hodgson Fitness even when We’re close to hitting a goal We are already looking at what I’m going to do next to make sure that I don’t rest on anything and accept where we currently are because our clients always want to better ourselves.

Self progress is the most important goal of them all.

We want to continue to progress and keep growing as people so that ultimately you can become the best version of yourself.

Just like I’m sure you want your children to become the best versions of themselves and you have the power to show them the way to do that.

So think about it.

Self progress.

Always looking to take steps forward, never looking back, but don’t settle because ultimately if you’re there already, you can still Move forward.

And it’s difficult to stay still, we either fall back or move forward 99% of the time.

Kind of like sinking sand If you don’t keep moving forwards you’re going to sink in that sand.

Ryan ‘sinking sand’ Hodgson

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