the hardest part

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It’s not rocket science
Eating healthy and exercising ‘enough’
isn’t rocket science,

Trust me if it was complicated, I wouldn’t be a

trainer, in fact I’d probably not be in any kind
of shape to help people with it either….

The hardest part to it, understanding




And that’s for both exercise and diet-

That person on the beach in good shape, the likelihood
is they followed something consistently and stayed balanced
and kept it moderate for them.

Because it’s not just lack of exercise,

Or eating crap
That is making people fat-

It’s a lifestyle.

We just need to adapt our current lifestyle to see the
benefits, they may not happen overnight,

They may not happen in weeks, but then your lifestyle didn’t

make you put on weight overnight either in guessing…

So keep at it- I often ask people to make small changes

in my emails….
Like yesterday…

Do you make them?

More importantly do you stick to them?

If not, you’re lacking consistency and accountability.

Simple as that.

Ryan ‘consistency’ hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see here but tomorrow I’ll fill you in a little
more about my nutrition coaching program, that will have an
intro rate and only 8 spaces.


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