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lose weight

Now i’m going to tell you the ‘top secret’

that many of the gym owners, personal trainers

and fitness professionals don’t want you to know..

But the only way to lose weight is….

create a calorie deficit consistently.

let me explain, every diet under the sun

every exercise regime under the sun

that works, works for the same reason..

You’re in a calorie deficit…

that’s right, Joe Wicks 30 day meal plans,

slim fast, herbalife, and even the local trainer

in the gym with their ‘personalised’ meal plan

of chicken salads, porridge oats and sweet potatoes..

works for the exact same reason.

Now if you’ve been on our emailing list for a while

you’ll know I believe the theory of losing weight…

couldn’t be simpler (should that say ‘more simple”?)

yet we as a society struggle with our weight, and i

get it because reality is the emotions in relation to

food that come in to play…

make creating a calorie deficit much more diffiicult

than just eating less and moving more and that

is in fact why, Elly and I have a job.

In fact on our Total transformation programme we

often discuss in depth with clients about the nutrition

struggles and help them to overcome them in a way

that means it doesn’t affect their lifestyle..

yes that’s right no avoiding social drinks with friends

or going out and ordering a salad with no dressing, just

coaching on a lifestyle and how to enjoy the foods you

love as part of a balanced diet.

Which you can apply to join us on this programme as

we still have a few spaces left if you click here to

complete the form

Ryan ‘it’s not that simple’ Hodgson

P.S. if you do apply we (either us or one of our assistants)

will want to have a chat with you over the phone over the

next few days to check you’re suited to the programme

so filling in the form nothing is lost 😀

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