They Wasted Our Time

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How are you today? (you can hit reply)
So i wanted to share a story with you about
the last time Elly and I ran a Free trial.
We had 13 join us over the course of the weekend
and 4 of them completed the welcome form straight
away and these same 4 continued with the
trial and JOINED US :D:D
But the other 9? well the other 9 well they wasted their
time and ours,  none of them logged into the membership
site more than once, none of them joined us and in
fact most of them didn’t even respond to our messages to
ask them if everything was ok.
Now i get it, because many people don’t fully value free,
they think its like they’ve lost nothing, but this is why people
Because we arw happy to spend the most valuable thing
in the world (time) but not happy to spend a few ££s to
achieve ur goals.
That’s why next time we do an intro offer we will be charging
for it, to eliminate the freebie seekers and time wasters.
Want to get results??
Message me and I will let you know what we want do are a way of
a trial.
Ryan ‘spends time carefully’ Hodgson

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