They’re still going on now….

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The Black Friday deals, that is.

Perhaps you’ve seen them all over the Internet, filling up your news feed on Facebook with people that have extended their Black Friday deals.

It kind of makes me laugh because it can’t be that great of a deal if they’re willing to extend it for so long.

In fact, that’s why we only ran our Black Friday deal for Black Friday because we feel that one, it’s important to our customers that we don’t start giving out massive offers for a long period of time that are perhaps giving people a cheaper deal of what they could get.

Two, it doesn’t devalue what we do because we do have a strong emphasis and value on what we do and making sure that we provide a service to every single one of our clients.

Three. We only want action takers so if someone takes a week to decide they want it, they’re perhaps not going to fit to well with us.

If we were to run offers like that for weeks on end, we’d end up with too many people and wouldn’t be able to service them.

Because our service is the most important thing to us.

In fact we always respond to clients within a couple of hours between 5am and 9pm.

If you’re somebody who was sitting on the fence and didn’t join Black Friday, unfortunately there probably won’t be any more offers as such coming up in the near future because we really do pride ourselves on having that unique program experience.

But maybe there will be someone offering another sale in January-

Ryan ‘black friday was last week’ Hodgson

P.S. why was the robot angry?
because someone kept pressing his buttons 😀

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