Thoughts become things

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Have you ever heard the saying thoughts become things?

That’s something that we work with when we work with our clients about reminding them that thoughts do eventually become things.

If you sit around thinking about how bad things are and how bad things could get, the likelihood is they are going to end up getting bad.

However, spending more time focusing on the positives and thinking about your goals and how likely you are to achieve them, and how much you want to achieve them, you are a lot more likely to achieve them.

We actually find that a direct correlation in the number of people who think about their goals and the ones who actually achieve them.

Because they’re making it a priority.

And they’re putting themselves in a good, strong position to achieve those goals.

So that’s why, when you are thinking about mindset, it’s important to try to keep everything focused towards your goals, and keep everything focused on positivity.

Because if we start dwelling on the negatives, those thoughts are going to become negative things.

Ryan ‘thoughts become things’ Hodgson

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