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So, one thing that I’ve always found people seem to struggle with is how simple nutrition actually can be.

And, it can be as simple as just recognizing that we just need to eat fewer calories. so putting it in simple terms, trying to lose weight, we just need to be burning more calories than what we’re consuming.

So, these three tips, if you follow them, will be an easy way for you to help reduce the number of calories that you’re consuming, and in turn, that’s going to help you lose weight over time.

And, what’s more, these three tips are simple and they’re something that you can sustain longer term.

1. Reduce your portion size.

That’s right. Just eat that exact same foods, but just reduce your portion size, even if you do it by 10%. It’s going to make a huge difference overall. I think a lot of the time, people think that they need to go from having what they’re currently eating to completely changing their diet over night. But, that’s never going to work longer term for you.

2. Watch the Sauces

That’s right. Watch how much calories you’re consuming through sauces and dressings. Because, I’ve seen it quite often where people have a healthy meal, and then later they’re piling on a high calorie dressing that really does make a huge difference in the number of calories that your going to be consuming on a daily basis. (i see this with people who order a salad when out, the dressing is high calorie and they could have enjoyed a pizza haha).

3. Watch how many calories you drink.

That’s right. We often forget the number of calories that we’re drinking can make a huge difference too because we forget that just drinking a simple drink can be a couple hundred calories here and there. Add two or three of them in a day, you’re easily making 600 calories just from drink. So, try to watch how many calorie’s you’re drinking as well as you’re eating. That will make a huge difference to you longer term.

So, follow these three tips. Make it sustainable,a and I’ll guarantee you, you’re going to see a significant drop in the number of calories you’re consuming, and that will help you with your weight loss progress, too.

Ryan, reducing your calories Hodgson

P.S. We really don’t think it needs to be much more complicated than that. Of course, there are emotional attachments to food, which we do help with in a lot more depth in our coaching programs.

However, just watch the number of calories you’re consuming, and that will make a huge difference to you longer term.

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