Would you want to stay with us?

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So i just had this idea after we had a few people over the last few weeks say to us..
I wish you could just come and live with me to help sort my diet out.
And it got me thinking about if we were to run some sort of retreat type thing somewhere nice in the UK.
And we would do loads of coaching on
and stuff like that to give you a real insight into things now it wouldnt be hours and hours of exercise each day because we would want it to be the type of thing you could carry on.
Anyways, my question, should this be a thing?
we would need to look at costs etc. but certainly something we thought of.
if we have the interest we will put something together.
HIT REPLY if this would be something you’re interested in.
Ryan ‘a question’ Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see here but thanks for checking.

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