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So I’ve got this thing now about Amazon Pantry where they make so it easy for you to order all your favourite foods that you can’t easily get in the shop and it’s so convenient.

And it comes down all in a day or two.

And I have to say it’s a real weakness of mine where I’m just finding myself keep buying more and more little bits and pieces every single day because I have to admit I love my different spreads.

My favourite spread at the moment in Crunchy Spread haha..

In fact I think I could eat that by the spoonful for my dinner every evening..

So what I want to know today —

what is your weakness? What do you find difficult?

What’s something that you find that you struggle to reduce or balance out in order for you to work towards your goals?

I’m quite lucky now in the show that I can be a little bit more relaxed and enjoy even more of these — of my favourite foods —

however, I’m not overindulgent.

I’m just keeping it balanced but I’d be interested to hearing from you.

What do you find tough? What are your struggles?

Talk to me.

Ryan wants-to-know-your-struggles Hodgson


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