why cardio is pointless (not what you think)

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See the last 10 days I’ve had to do
cardio to prep for the show.

And I’m quite lucky coz I’ve tracked my
food since December I don’t have to do
much (about 20-30mins a day)….

See I really dislike cardio…..

But because I hit the weights 7 days a week I couldn’t
do more weights without over training and increasing
the risk of injury so cardio is the only option left.

Anyways, cardio is literally summit that gets the heart

rate up to between 70-85% of your ‘maximum’ heart

So rather than doing traditional forms of cardio, try doing

weights and shortening your recovery significantly.
^^This could still be called cardio then 😉 more than one way
to skin a cat so they say BOOOMM!!!

I do this with my 1-1 clients and myself, and I always leave the

gym sweating like I’ve just done a cardio workout- because
technically I have,

Got my heart rate high, so maybe cardio isn’t pointless, just

traditional Cardio is for weight loss.

Cept, I’ve killed 2 birds with one stone and increased my muscle

tone which in turn will burn more calories…

It’s no coincidence that 1lb of muscle burns 1lb of fat a week.

That’s all for today,

Ryan ‘no cardio bunny’ hodgson

P.S. Of course if you have a cardio related goal such as a run etc.

then that’s what you need though I’m talking purely weight loss
(well fat loss) here;)
P.P.S. Note how j mentioned how tracking my food is important
too;) more on that tomorrow.

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