why diets never work

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^^^ today’s email is a bit of a rant because there
appears to be more and more systems out there
to ‘help’ people lose weight.



Soup diets




You can even get foods delivered now….

And they all have a place in the market, they’re also mostly

expensive short term solutions…
OFFER no increased knowledge of what foods contain and why
they’re important to the body.,

Whereas when you have a structure in place to follow that you

can follow any place anywhere it becomes fool proof and
long term.
It’s really that simple.

That’s why flexible dieting works for me, and my clients because we

eat what we want within reason and it fits our allocated macros.

It’s magical and there is no one size fits all…

No expensive delivery service

No magic meal replacements

Not even any pills either.
Just real food that you like controlled within what’s
suitable for YOU.

I’m covering this on my flexible dieting seminar this Saturday which

btw has sold out and I ain’t doing another one I don’t.

But for now look back at all the things you’ve tried with your food

and lemme know if you’re any closer to having a healthier relationship
with food? or if its made it worse?

Ryan ‘flexible dieting’ hodgson

P.S. Nothing to see here but thanks for checking.

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