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abs in group training??

A good question I got in response to my

email on Saturday.

And there’s an explanation,

It’s simply because people want to do their abs,
I’m not 100% sure why…

But they do, so we throw it in when we do intense

cardio sessions and it keeps people enjoying it..
I look at it as an active recovery from the cardio 😀
And that’s important for people to be happy, is that people
not only get results, but that people enjoy it too, well enjoy
it as much as someone can.

So doing abs isn’t bad for you, there are just more effective

ways to reduce body fat which ultimately will give you a
flatter more toned stomach.

So if you love feeling like you’re working your abs then do it,

It’s like Zumba, I don’t like it, but it’s better than nothing.
Ryan ‘loves a question’ hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see here but thanks for checking.


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