Working backwards

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Are you working backwards?

Read that question again, I want you to answer it.

I’m talking about your goals right now.

Because I often find we forget about what our goals are when it comes to this time of year and just drift from day to day.

Because, I get it. It’s one of those times of year where everyone (apart from me) gets all sociable and it almost makes your health and fitness goals become an after thought.

However, I don’t believe it has to be that way.

What I tend to do is work backwards from my goals and focus on what steps I need to take to get me from there backwards and then it becomes a lot more balanced.

So you know you can enjoy a more relaxed diet here and there, for example on the weekend it just means you need to be a little bit tighter with things during the week.

And that’s my message today.

If you know you’re going to enjoy some more relaxed weekends, particularly as Christmas is this weekend, just be that little bit better throughout the week.

Be that little bit more committed during the week so that you know you can let yourself be more relaxed.

What you’re also going to find it’s going to remove any feelings of guilt. Because I do find a lot of people that I’ve worked with have a lot of guilt when they enjoy themselves.

And that’s not what it’s all about.

It’s all about enjoying a healthy balanced lifestyle and that includes socializing (BTW- is that supposed to be a Z or an S? lol)

Unless you’re an absolute bore like me and doesn’t enjoy socializing, I think it is important that you do that.

Ryan, doesn’t socialize that much, Hodgson.

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