yes its tough but….

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guess whats even tougher…
Knowing you didn’t even try. (yes straight to the point today)
Because i know its tough when you’re working on a journey of self improvement.
You feel guilty for putting you first, anxious about the thought of having to workout, nervous at the mere thought of eating that number of calories to lose weight.
BUT if you dont give it a go,
and you don’t commit to yourself, its a vicious cycle, that lb here and there starts to add up, that self belief slips away bit by bit and guess what happens…
The thought of starting it all seems more and more daunting, and its tough then to even think that you didn’t even try
Because one thing i’ve found even if you try it and find it tough it will also help you improve in mental strength and help you to become the best version of yourself.
So if you join our Alpha Female Programme today we wont ask for the 3 month commitment. we just ask you to let us know within 28 days if you want to cancel and we will do just that.
So you can in theory get Thousands of pounds worth of info off our membership site and leave our programme.
But we will only leave offer there for the next 48hours (because we usually ask for a 3 month commitment).
What have you got to lose?
Ryan ‘at least you’d have tried’ Hodgson
P.S nothing to see but thanks for checking.

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