you owe this to yourself

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I wanted to tell you something today because I do think it’s often over missed and people often forget how important it is to value yourself.

How important it is to love yourself.

And how important it is to put you first.

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your family, friends, and those around you to put yourself first.

Because once we start to do that we can be in a better position to not only help ourselves, but help others around us.

Because I’ve seen it so often with the women I work with.

They put everyone else first.

They put family first, friends first, and neglect themselves.

Ultimately spiralling themselves out of control, whether it be with their weight, whether it be wit their confidence, whether it be with their energy levels.

They let themselves slip further and further away from where they want to be all because they want to put somebody else first.

However, if you ask those people closest to them would they be happy if that person was to put themselves first, they’d all say yes.

Let’s face it, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be worth the time anyways.

So, today I’m asking you to please, please spend some time to put yourself first. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.

You’re an amazing person and that’s what it’s all about, appreciating yourself.

Have a good day,

Ryan Appreciates-Himself Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see here, you got to go put yourself first right now

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